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Launch Story: From Business Affairs and Legal Executive to eCommerce CEO

| November 18, 2011 | 1 Comment

This week’s launch story highlights EmployedPreneur Rajeev Malik.

Rajeev Malik is CEO and Co-Founder of Kikscore.

Day Job: Business Affairs, Operations and Legal Executive at Network Solutions.

EmployedPreneur Business: Kikscore (Online Trust Score)

Rajeev’s Elevator Pitch: KikScore‘s mission is about empowering small businesses to use information about themselves so they can sell more and close more leads.  We offer a dynamic trust score and merchant report card that small businesses put on their website to clearly demonstrate to shoppers that they are trustworthy and reliable. KikScore can help small businesses cut shopping cart abandonment rates and increase their sales.

Why he loves it: Every day it is so much fun to wake up thinking customers are using a product that you helped plan out, develop and launch!  It is our destiny that we control and really the opportunities are endless for our team.

Biggest challenge to getting started: As with many startups, the challenge is taking our limited resources and time and keeping everyone focused on our key priorities.  Early on we were somewhat distracted as we were moving in multiple directions.  That is probably common with most startups. Recently, we have really dedicated ourselves and gotten a lot better at keeping each part of the team and the overall company focused on our key tasks to meet our near term and longer term goals.  That has helped us to have a very successful last 9 months with a large partnership launch and another one just a matter of days away.

Advice to other EmployedPreneurs: Plan out what you want to do, have a schedule and stick to it.  Underlying all of this is focus and use your time wisely.  It is so easy with all the distractions out there to lose focus.  Remember: Every minute distracted is a minute lost building your business.

The next milestones for his business: At KikScore, we have two primary goals and that is to help out as many small businesses as we can by having them use our KikScore Confidence Badge.  Secondly, we want to make sure every one of these small businesses has a good customer experience with us.

Noteworthy: KikScore recently added online store builder Shopify as a partner.

P.S. You’ll be able to read Rajeev’s full launch story in my book – The Employedpreneur Plan: How to Launch Your Business Without Quitting Your Day Job (coming in January 2012)

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  1. Raj says:

    Tai, thanks for featuring me today on Launch While Working. Your mission is awesome and I am proud to have been part of your feature story here and also your book. Cant wait to get it in Jan 2012!

    Best wishes,

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