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The Flipside: The Mindset of Unsuccessful Entrepreneurs

| June 16, 2011 | 2 Comments

In the previous post, we shared a list of mindsets of successful entrepreneurs. Today we’ll take a look at the flipside – the limiting beliefs and attitudes that keep entrepreneurs from creating the success they are capable of.

Unsuccessful entrepreneurs:

* Believe that good enough really is good enough. They believe that a dollar in revenue is better than no revenue at all.

* Feel embarrassed to toot their own horn and often downplays the complexity of their business.

* Employ marketing tactics only when business is slow. They are all about cutting corners, and when business is booming, marketing expenses seem unnecessary.

* Allow their personal low self-esteem to carry-over into their business leadership. Because of this, marketing, networking, public perception, and revenue take a hit.

* Think of customer service as an afterthought and take personal offense to most customer complaints.

* Are problem solvers only when it comes to menial issues, but crack under pressure when the hard times come knocking.

* Ignore their intuition and run to all the wrong people for advice before taking action.

* Take advantage of the slow times in their business to indulge in their personal life instead of working.

* May thrive under pressure, but it’s fear that keeps them going rather than optimism. This same fear can cause panicky, unwise decisions.

* Let their ideas lie dormant, waiting (procrastinating) until their business is bringing in more money.

* Stand their ground with an overly aggressive and threatening attitude. Their business mindset is out the window when they feel as if they are being taken advantage of.

Share: What are some of the limiting beliefs holding you back from being successful in your business?

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  1. cassea says:

    Having a negative attitude about everything and everyone!

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